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JomCRM is a professional CRM system that helps companies focus and grow. JomCRM is simple to use and reliable. Be it a business project, Employees tasks, sales, marketing campaign or simple contact management, JomCRM keeps everything in order and allows you to solve your tasks more efficiently.

Figure 1. Customer Relationship Management

JomCRM documentation provides all the details to help you understand our CRM and use its capabilities as smoothly as possible, and find answers to the questions most frequently asked by the community.

  • Learn how to enhance your business with the capabilities of JomCRM.
  • Read JomCRM Editions to get information about the basic features and capabilities of Pro Version.
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JomCRM comes in three editions : Basic Edition (BE), Professional Edition (PE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) and some features described in the documentation are applicable only to EE. To learn more on difference between editions see JomCRM Editions.

Contacts and Companies

Contacts and companies are the main components of your CRM.

Figure 2. JomCRM

Save time and close more deals with contact management. View everything you need to know about a contact on a single page that includes contact name, company, function, phone, e-mail...etc. The interface enables you to do a 360 degree profiling of a prospect with many search & filtering features.

Figure 3. Contacts list

Contact Manager helps you to maintain your contacts in a centralized address book, and have a comprehensive view of related tasks, notes and more.

Figure 4. Contact Edition

Figure 5. Contact notes

Project Management

Simple, efficient and affordable Web-based project management integrated to JomCRM which is Ideal for resource and project management. Features include time tracking, reporting, document management, calendar and more.

JomCRM helps collaborators through its time saving and easy-to-use features. Project leaders can set milestones for the team, add team members, assign tasks and see the updates on the project.

Figure 6. Project Management

Whether you call them tasks or to-do’s, JomCRM helps you do more and Bring your whole team together in one place :

  • Create tasks wherever and whenever with the task form
  • Set priorities for tasks
  • Track task histories, with comments and attachments
  • Filter & Sort tasks by person, keyword, due date and more

Figure 7. Project Management

Tasks Manager

JomCRM Task Manager shows you the tasks you need to complete in a way that is actionable. Good task managers allow you to filter your tasks by project, due date, or even the priority to quickly shift what items actually appear on the list of items for you to do at any given moment.

Figure 8. Tasks Manager

Figure 9. Tasks Manager - Edit

Figure 10. Tasks Manager - Edit : Notes

Actions Manager

JomCRM Actions Manager allows you to start taking actions on your tasks. Break down your task into actionable steps is a very important skill, and one that you will use when capturing information.

Figure 11. Actions Manager

Figure 12. Actions Manager - Edit


JomCRM Calendar hows you all the time sensitive things that you absolutely must do at a specific time (Work meeting or task), These are things that you must do. When you see something on your calendar, you should know that you absolutely have to do this thing at this time, no matter what.

The overall purpose of your personal productivity system is to help you finish the things you need to get done more efficiently so you have more time for the things that are truly important.

The goal of using your task manager and calendar together is to complete things as efficiently as possible. The goal of your task manager then is to show you the things you need to when you are in a place to actually do them. The calendar can complement and support this by showing you a picture of the hard landscape of your day so you can identify when you can complete them.

  • Tasks in a green color are finished tasks
  • Tasks in a blue color are pending

Figure 13. Calendar - Month View

Figure 14. Calendar - Week View

Figure 15. Calendar - Day View